PilotTrak Mini – Tracked Micro FPV Tank


The PilotTrak Mini is a Micro FPV tank, made even more compact than before!

Default print color is black chassis with white tracks.

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The PilotTrak Mini is a Micro FPV tank, originally designed for running a leader wire or pullstring through tight areas while installing network cable.

In comparison to the full size PilotTrak, the Mini has a shorter wheelbase,  and removes the camera-tilt servo. The entire tub chassis is 3D printed, along with the tracks, which are designed to print in TPU. The lower chassis houses dual N20 gear-motors to power the tracks, along with ESC and Receiver. The upper chassis has the option to add 3mm LEDs for headlights.

Some parts are print-to-order – Please allow a few days for shipping. Default print color is Black Chassis with White tracks.

All parts are designed for printing with a 0.4mm nozzle and are tested to slice in Cura.
If using Slic3r, use “detect thin walls” in the print settings, layers and perimeters, Quality for tracks.

  • Camera Housing
    • Fits Cameras up to 15mm wide and 13mm tall
  • Chassis
      • Fits dual N20 GearMotors
      • Fits 3mm LEDs
      • Hole in rear for optional screw eye hook – originally a hook for pulling string, it also functions as a wheelie bar.

A lot of time and effort goes into these designs, and funding greatly helps to improve future products. Tips / Donations for STL downloads are appreciated.

Required parts for build:

The following links are a list of suggested parts for the PilotTrak Mini
Products may be discontinued or changed over time.

Instructional Build Video


Printed in TPU, fairly stiff 95A shore hardness. You may be able to use softer TPU with varying levels of success, but most printers should handle the 95A without issue.




Micro Receivers linked – Standard ESCs may fit if de-cased and de-pinned.



N20 Gear Motors – 150-300rpm


Batteries and Connectors

Can be wired in Series for 2S Operation


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
Kit Type:

STL Download, Tracks Only, 3D Printed Kit, Completed Build


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