Ausom Gallop is Scary Fast – This Dual Motor 40mph Electric Scooter is Almost Perfect charges $1399 for the Ausum gallop, and while that may sound like a lot for an electric scooter, this 90lb 2400w monstrosity absolutely murders the performance of a similarly priced ebike. Claiming a top speed of over 40mph, the spec sheet looks mighty impressive, but how does the Gallop actually perform?

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Engwe’s X24 E-Bike – Is Triple Suspension a Gimmick?

I had previously wanted Engwe's X26 model, but a few design quirks held me back. Engwe's redesigned X24 really surprised me in just how capable and practical of a bike it is, so now that Engwe has re-released their new SUPER-X series, do the fixes to the design finally make the bike a worthwhile option?

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