Ideas for a small BB shooter, possibly for a TinyTrak.
Integrated hopper, auto-feeding, uses single N20 GearMotor. Requires 8x3x4mm ball bearings and M3 screws.

Hopefully someone else can improve on this?


AutoBB Download

PG22 Short Update

Well, I built myself a second personal PG22 Short. Doing this allowed me to follow my own instructions, and find any remaining flaws in design or instructions. This did result in a minor revision of the location of the set-screw for the guide-rod, along with more explicit notifications on cleaning and sanding parts.

I’m happy to report that my second build not only fired properly on the first shot, but ejected and continued to function throughout 20 consecutive shots, with no visible wear or damage to any parts.

Because this gun is now a spare for me, I decided to have a bit of fun when printing it, and went for a more wild color scheme. I hope others find this as amusing as I do 🙂

PilotTrak V2 Mini

While the PilotTrak V2 is a huge improvement over the original PilotTrak, it is quite a bit bigger. There’s something about the cuteness of an absolutely tiny tank-like vehicle, and it’s nice to be able to pocket it and go anywhere. Solution? PilotTrak V2 Mini.

This version sacrifices a few features. There’s no secondary idler wheels, and there’s no servo tilt for the camera. The electronics are housed in the space freed up by the removal of the servo. While it’s a difficult build that requires de-pinned or micro receivers, it is not much larger than a standard TinyWhoop.

I’m probably going to add very fast (500rpm @ 3v) motors to make up for the lack of off-road ability.

PilotTrak V2

Currently very close to a final version 2 of the Pilot Trak. This version is FAR more capable than the original. It has greater ground clearance, wider tracks, better cog mesh, a battery cover, more room for electronics, grippier tracks, and overall reduced cost due to removal of ball bearings. Pulling cable through drop-ceilings is now a piece of cake with these improvements!

Once released, I may discontinue the V1 to focus on improving the V2. While the V1 was good for moderately flat indoor ground, it has a tendency to tip and has very little room for electronics, making builds difficult.

Posting from GeoWorks!

Using my WiPi Modem (available from my site), I was able to get my Brother GeoBook, a low cost 386sx laptop from the late 90’s, online! Software availability is not great, as it only runs GEOS / GeoWorks Ensemble, but there is integrated TCP/IP support via a PPP connection, which my Modem supports.
The only useful applications on the GeoBook are Emailer (A very, very basic SMTP/Pop3 email client), Web Browser, and a fairly nice, though limited, IRC client. While not extremely useful in today’s age, it is able to get enough connectivity to post to my blog via the WordPress email post. The WiPi modem is also able to provide me with an SSH client via terminal emulator, so I regularly use the GeoBook to configure my webserver! This machine would definitely get a few strange looks if I ever started using it in a coffee shop 🙂

PS2 Modchip

Modbo 5 Install complete! Nothing like dumping all your DVDs straight to a 500gb Internal HDD!