I-Cybie Cartridge Programmer using an Arduino

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As of this writing, a video is in the works but not yet complete, relating to the process of getting data onto a 20+ year old toy robot. The project itself is complete, however, so I’m sharing what I have. Archive of the original YICT project / programming tools for the I-Cybie are included in the Tools folder, along with a new Powershell script to interface my new Arduino based cartridge programmer.

I now offer a programming service as well: I-Cybie Cartridge Programming

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Ausom Gallop is Scary Fast – This Dual Motor 40mph Electric Scooter is Almost Perfect

Geekbuying.com charges $1399 for the Ausum gallop, and while that may sound like a lot for an electric scooter, this 90lb 2400w monstrosity absolutely murders the performance of a similarly priced ebike. Claiming a top speed of over 40mph, the spec sheet looks mighty impressive, but how does the Gallop actually perform?

Full Video Review: Ausom Gallop

Ausom Gallop Product Page

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Engwe’s X24 E-Bike – Is Triple Suspension a Gimmick?

I had previously wanted Engwe's X26 model, but a few design quirks held me back. Engwe's redesigned X24 really surprised me in just how capable and practical of a bike it is, so now that Engwe has re-released their new SUPER-X series, do the fixes to the design finally make the bike a worthwhile option?

Rather watch a video? Check out the video version of this review! Pilotgeek's Bike Reviews

Store Link: Engwe Official Website

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Ride the Roughest Roads on an Engwe – Dual Battery M20 E-Bike Review

As Moped style E-bikes grow in popularity, there have been many copies of the “Super73” style of bike, and while most are quite expensive, Engwe has stepped into the game with their new affordable M20 Fat Tire E-Bike. Featuring 20x4” fat tires, a 1000w motor, dual suspension, and a massive 26AH battery, does the M20 hold its own in comparison to the competition?

Rather watch a video? Check out the video version of this review! Pilotgeek's Bike Reviews

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ScoutXL! A Double-Sized Scout32!

While my original Scout32 design is gets over large obstacles remarkably well for its size, it’s still a bit limited by being so small, especially outdoors. So, I decided to build a bigger one! How did I do this? Well, I basically just scaled the entire thing up by exactly two.

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Chimera .410 – Hybrid Metal and 3D Printed Shotgun

After the relative success of my 3D printed revolver, the Maverick, I decided to leverage the power of 3D printing to design an improved version of my shotgun. What I ended up with is the Chimera, a successor to my old design, and a hybrid of both 3D printed and Metal parts. It’s a very simplistic break action shotgun, sacrificing features in favor of being highly modular and very simple to build. Due to the large size, the design is split up into a few modular components, each of which clamped to a steel frame consisting of square tubing. I wanted to keep the design cheap and easy to source parts for, so no gun-specific parts are used, opting for commodity hardware.


  • Video Demonstration and Construction: Video
  • Download - You will need 7zip to extract the files (Keka on Mac)
  • Parts Kit (Via Parts-Dispensed.com)

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G22 Grizzly

The Grizzly is a 3D Printed 22 caliber break barrel survival rifle. First and foremost, this was not designed by me, but by Mussy, who is a large contributor to the printed firearms community, with literally thousands of designs on Thingiverse. The G22 caught my eye for being a very simple but versatile platform. Almost the entire thing is 3D Printable, and functions using a simple break action and lock, with a striker similar to my own PG22 designs. The allows for some fairly neat Pistol designs, but the Grizzly survival rifle really caught my eye, as I had always wanted a compact folding survival rifle, but couldn’t justify the cost of some of the common production models.Continue reading

PG22 Maverick V2

Like the original Maverick, the V2 is a compact pepperbox style revolver, chambered in 22 short. The Maverick V2 improves upon the original by altering the grip angle and appearance to be more pleasing, along with adding a linkage to automatically rotate the cylinder when cocking the striker. This allows a much higher rate of fire by operating more like a single action revolver.

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GeoBook – The Failed Budget 386sx Laptop in an era of Pentiums

The GeoBook NB60 – A unique little laptop introduced in the late 1990’s to provide a low-cost alternative to the rising popularity in laptop computers. During this time, an average laptop computer would set you back anywhere from $2-$5k, far too much for the average home user or student to justify. This left a space in the market for ultra budget laptop computers, for those consumers who were not sure how useful a more expensive laptop would be, or for those who simply needed a cheap word-processor for school or personal use.

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PG22 Maverick Revolver – How I Built my own 3D Printed Gun Design

The PG22 series is my attempt at a 3D printed firearm. There have been a few variations, each trying to build off the previous ideas which worked. The current iteration, the PG22 Maverick, is a 6-shot .22 short single-action revolver. Functionality is similar to a Pepperbox Revolver.

Thank you for your interest, I will not be publicly sharing the files.

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