I-Cybie Cartridge Programmer using an Arduino

Please subscribe to https://youtube.com/Pilotgeek for more info. Download links for programmer below.

As of this writing, a video is in the works but not yet complete, relating to the process of getting data onto a 20+ year old toy robot. The project itself is complete, however, so I’m sharing what I have. Archive of the original YICT project / programming tools for the I-Cybie are included in the Tools folder, along with a new Powershell script to interface my new Arduino based cartridge programmer.

I now offer a programming service as well: I-Cybie Cartridge Programming

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Pathfinder Mini – Logic Gate Robot, no CPU!

Based off my larger walker, the Pathfinder Mini is a cost-reduced version which requires far fewer parts, much less plastic, and is a bit more simple to build. I will be releasing the plans for it as soon as I can, and considering the reduced part count, I may be able to sell complete kits instead of my usual plans or plastic-only kits.

If it were economically feasible, I would also like to make a batch of circuit boards to include with the kit. As of right now, it's too complex to build in point-to-point wiring, but a PCB with proper traces would be nice. I'd have to ditch the LEDs as a cost saving measure though as well. Or, you know, I could just use a microcontroller like a sane person.

This circuit was really just a fun project to prove I could build this idea from my head into an actual working robot. It does work quite well, and schematics and an explanation of the design is listed below.

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