Chimera .410 – Hybrid Metal and 3D Printed Shotgun

After the relative success of my 3D printed revolver, the Maverick, I decided to leverage the power of 3D printing to design an improved version of my shotgun. What I ended up with is the Chimera, a successor to my old design, and a hybrid of both 3D printed and Metal parts. It’s a very simplistic break action shotgun, sacrificing features in favor of being highly modular and very simple to build. Due to the large size, the design is split up into a few modular components, each of which clamped to a steel frame consisting of square tubing. I wanted to keep the design cheap and easy to source parts for, so no gun-specific parts are used, opting for commodity hardware.


  • Video Demonstration and Construction: Video
  • Download - You will need 7zip to extract the files (Keka on Mac)
  • Parts Kit (Via

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G22 Grizzly

The Grizzly is a 3D Printed 22 caliber break barrel survival rifle. First and foremost, this was not designed by me, but by Mussy, who is a large contributor to the printed firearms community, with literally thousands of designs on Thingiverse. The G22 caught my eye for being a very simple but versatile platform. Almost the entire thing is 3D Printable, and functions using a simple break action and lock, with a striker similar to my own PG22 designs. The allows for some fairly neat Pistol designs, but the Grizzly survival rifle really caught my eye, as I had always wanted a compact folding survival rifle, but couldn’t justify the cost of some of the common production models.Continue reading

PG22 Maverick V2

Like the original Maverick, the V2 is a compact pepperbox style revolver, chambered in 22 short. The Maverick V2 improves upon the original by altering the grip angle and appearance to be more pleasing, along with adding a linkage to automatically rotate the cylinder when cocking the striker. This allows a much higher rate of fire by operating more like a single action revolver.

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PG22 Maverick Revolver – How I Built my own 3D Printed Gun Design

The PG22 series is my attempt at a 3D printed firearm. There have been a few variations, each trying to build off the previous ideas which worked. The current iteration, the PG22 Maverick, is a 6-shot .22 short single-action revolver. Functionality is similar to a Pepperbox Revolver.

Thank you for your interest, I will not be publicly sharing the files.

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